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Our Approach

A learner will normally undergo individual assessment to determine his specific requirements. This is then followed by individual tuition, before he is allowed to join a small group. Even within the small group he receives personalised tuition focusing on his specific developmental areas. More

Typical Clients

Primary and secondary school learners.

Frequent Requirements:

  • "My child wants to drop the subject".

  • "I must improve my marks in order to pass".

  • "I want distinctions".

  • Learners that are behind schedule due to accidents or illness.

  • Home schoolers that must ensure compatibility with the main stream syllabus.


The best value for money is obtained when a learner joins a small group. The preceding individual phase is slightly more expensive but seldom lasts for more than two months. We prefer not to do bean counting in our relationship with you and offer services such as examination exercises or groups doing maths and science homework at our venue at no cost. For pricing detail please contact us.

The Team 

The facilitators have  decades of experience in public school teaching. They were involved in the  compilation of examination papers and have regular interaction with the Department of Education to understand the departmental requirements. Remedial qualifications empower them to understand learning disabilities and to address the unique attributes of every learner. More.

South Africa does not have sufficient capacity to teach maths and science.

However, these subjects remain critical for a quality matric certificate and access to a university.



IPAD operates in Pretoria. For a map to our venue click here. In the case of it not being  nearby you contact us please. It may be possible to join in travel arrangements from all over the city.


Our learners experience IPAD as a place where they can learn without stress and develop their self-confidence. Parents acknowledge that results improve markedly and that learners become independent. More.


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